Seres Foods specialises in the production of hot pepper sauces.

Located in İzmir, Seres Foods produces hot pepper sauces using seeds from the Anatolian region of Turkey as well as from other parts of the world to give a variety of tastes to different dishes.

Since 2010, Seres Foods has used only high quality raw materials. The product is manufactured under hygienic working conditions at its modern production facility to ensure a high quality production.’

Seres Foods products are manufactured using naturally grown hot chilli pepper varieties, either fresh or dried, from its own plantation or from contracted farm areas.

Certified production standards.

At Seres Foods production is conducted by trained food engineers following high quality procedures in a completely isolated environment.  The process is internationaly accredited by independent analysis and inspection to ensure quality in terms of the production methods and reliability of the final product.

SERES FOODS continues to adopt its BRC quality certification system.