SERES FOODS, which is an integrated production firm located in İzmir,

produce the World Sauces with fresh pepper grown up in the local farmlands by using seeds from Aegean Region and different parts of the world.Since 2010, SERES develops products in the modern and hygienic production facility, by using premium ingredients, regarding the high level of hot taste and taking all approvals from the authorities.

All the products in our range, made of natural ingredients come from the farmlands which grow chili peppers only for Seres.

Food Safety

– Production processes are conducted by trained food engineers following the highest hygiene and quality standards,
– inspected by independent analysis and audit organizations accredited in many countries,
– confirmed as “A-Level” BRC certificate since 2017,
– quality control for all stages,
– HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
– GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)
– GLP (Good Laboratory Process)
– Thanks to the system we developed with contracted farmers and our supply solution partners, every stage of production is under control.